Emil Chonowitsch  is one of well known Danish makers from the 1970’ties. He started pipemaking in a mature age after running one of Copenhagen’s most esteemed tobacconists for a quarter of a century. 

As for many other pipemakers it was the dream of living a more free and independent life on the countryside that led Emil to his new profession. It´s interesting to pronounce, that Emil starts with pipe making only one month before his son Jess starts.  Before starting his own workshop in an old, closed school building (Atterup Pibemageri), Emil was “adult-apprentice” with Poul Rasmussen for some years. He –  like many other well known carvers – had to start for a couple of years of pipe repairing before making his own pipes.

Emil was different from many other makers in his line of shapes. He made a series of 12 standard, hand turned  shapes, showing his ideas of the classic shapes: Billiard, Canadian, Bulldog etc. You can see the “Poul Rasmussen” line clearly in these shapes. Many were slender and tall and with  soft, smooth edges on the top of the bowl. You don’t see an unsymmetrical Emil Chonowitsch. Many of the classic, standard pipes were sold in Denmark at reasonable prices.

The pipes of Emil Chonowitsch are very well executed, lightweighted and very good smokers. The pipe are stamped: "CHONOWITSCH - DENMARK", "Handskaaren" or "Handcut" (pipes for the  U.S.A.).

Basics by Jakob Groth; pictures of E:C. by Jan Andersson and Lars Kiel, with kind permission








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