1951 - 2007


Peter Hedegaard (10/2004)

Peter Hedegaard passes away on April 08., 2007 after a short but serious illness. He will stay with us within his beautiful and very special pipes.

Peter Hedegaard, born 1951, belongs in a number of really first-class freehand pipe makers such as Poul Ilsted and Jens Tao (pron. Teawoo) Nielsen. Hedegaard started at W.O. Larsen with his pipe making career where he was active with Tonni Nielsen and Phil Vigen at the same time. Until the shop was closed, he was making  "Straight-Grain" pipes for W.O. Larsen.

He ventured the step into the independence in 1979. He lived many years into the Danish main island called Sealand (where Copenhagen is situated) and he has, however, moved to Jütland quite recently. One can assign the pipes of Hedegaard to roughly two lines. On the one hand, it is rather classic models, it isn't always simple but possible to recognize this one as "Hedegaard".

I love his freehand pipe shapes much more, which are very specific and have a high degree of regocnition. The shapes are also more thrilling. Hedegaard has created a very typical bowl-to-shank-relation, at which the bowl seemed to be separated from the shank and is frequently exhibited a little at an angle despite a fluent transition. His pipes often have a stout constitution and can very comfortably be helded into the mouth.

Hedegaard uses different decorating materials though quite restrained. Hedegaard makes either sand-blasted and smooth pipes, I already have seen semi-rustic pipes, too. There are pipes with normal drilling and those fitted for 9 mm filters. The stems are made of vulcanite or cultured amber. The stems often stand out due to a flat, very broad bite (22 mm) why one can hold a Hedegaard into the mouth without any problems for some time.

The pipes are graded as follows (ascending): Blasted, Smooth: FP 1-3, and OP 1-3, gorgeous pieces also with "B" or  "A", and I saw one "AA" - stamped pipe recently.  But I also saw "ungraded" pipes designed for the Scandinavian "domestic market".

Ultra-rare: A grade "AA" Hedegaard Pipe

The pipes are stamped: "PETER HEDEGAARD" and "Hand Made In Denmark", grading usually finds itself above the stamp. As a rule, the prices of the pipes are someplace between 250. € (sandblasted) and 650. € (OP 3), particularly beautiful pieces also about this.

Many thanks to Uli Wöhrle for the pictures of Peter´s workshop


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Classic shapes

"signature" freehand shapes