The daughter of Lars and granddaughter of Sixten, Nanna Ivarsson, has been introduced very well into scene as a high grade pipe maker. Althuogh of stately size, her recent, sweeping pipes are of an unbelievable ease and elegance. She has gone for a long time for her grandfather to learn and to help, what one can see stylistically in her early pipes.

She makes smooth and sand-blasted pipes. The pipes are stamped with the well known round stamp: "AN IVARSSON PRODUCT". The date is encircled in this stamp (comparable to Sixten ). An additional stamp in curved letters is showing the initilas "NI" similar to Lars' pipes.

Today, however, Nanna is working  either as a pipe maker but she´s   also interested in  design and art  in the field of furniture and toys. I her own workshop in Copenhagen, Nanna uses some of the ancient machines and tools, grandfather Sixten have still used in his Copenhagen based workshop. In addition, one day a week, she´s working together with her father Lars in his workshop.  

Nanna´s  pipes are  nice and, of course, extremely high on demand at the collectors´ scene and  expensive , but they will surely not become cheaper in the future.


Many thanks to Lars Ivarsson and Uli Wöhrle for the given feedback and the pictures







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