Who is "Pipen-Doge"


The nickname "Pipen-Doge" (pron. Peepn Douze) doesn't have any  deeper meaning. The term "Doge"  described the head of the ancient Venice. I have got this nickname during my time at the University College of Medicine, because some of my friends  thought, that I would look as the Doge in a well known comic strip and because I was the only pipe smoker in our community. 

I was born in 1955, have studied dentristry, medicine and neurosciences and Im now a professor of fundamentals in medicine at the computer sciences department at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences .

I have been pipe smoker for approx. 35 years . I have already early built up a little pipe collection (35 - 40 pieces) for the daily use . In the year 2000 I have made pipe collecting and pipe-related books for the hobby.  During this period my collection  contains  250 - 300  pipes, from around 80 different freehand pipe makers and approx. 30 other brands (factory made pipes and semi-freehands), most were  shown here. In spring 2005, I have decided to abstain from "collecting" pipes furthermore, but Im still a "pipe enthusiast".  I am still  interested in pipes of Danish, Swedish, Japanese and German pipe makers. Particularly, Im interested in pipes of pipe makers, who are no longer active today, as e.g. Sixten Ivarsson, Arne Ljung and many others. I meet many pipe makers in person and get many interesting and detailed informations I will share with you.

I like to smoke light to medium VA-Flakes or tobaccos with a moderate casing. I don't like tobaccos with latakia, cigars and cigarettes.

This web-site is non-commercial and the pipes are not for sale in general. But I am always interested in trading pipes, you are welcome to ask for a trade. Sometimes, I will display pipes for young carvers or collectors who havent got an own web-site.  My eBay-ID is "legnubrac". 

I have added a very personal and highly subjective judgement ( * to *****) to each of my pipes. This indicates my personal view to this particular PIPE only and is NO assessment of the BRAND or CARVER in general.

Please note:

Any copying, publication or reproduction of the papers and / or pictures published herein in printed or electronic media is strictly prohibited without the explicit written consent of these pages' owner.  Im the owner of all  the pictures displayed on the pages with the file-names " *_bilder01.htm". Pictures, which are shown on the pages with the file-names "*_info.htm" are  predominantly owned by other collectors or from the carvers directly. These collectors/carvers have permitted to display the pipes and pipe-related pictures here. In case, any pipe shown here, have got another owner in the meantime, who dont like to see his pipes here, the new owner should contact me. Of course, I will remove the pictures immediately.

Dr. Jrg Lehmann