The history and significance of the company and brand Svend Bang have been described in detail by Jakob Groth in his nice article. For that reason, only some short indications for dating and classifying Bang pipes shall follow now:

A number of pipe makers have worked for Svend Bang before Hansen and Noltensmeier, as e.g. Ivan Holst Nielsen, Jan Widelöv and Ph. Vigen. In discussion are also names like Ib Olsen or Michael Thorhauer the recent owners don't even know.


But the old pipes already had the Grading of "1" to "9" and "A" to "F" (ascending) and also in principle today's stamp. The grading was partly also renounced. However, these pipes are altogether stylistically very considerably different from these of Per Hansen and Ulf Noltensmeier.

The assignment of the current pipes of Per Hansen and Ulf Noltensmeier to the respective pipe maker is also not easy,  sometimes . Only some pieces are  provided with a certificate or are stamped with the initials "PH" or "UN", respectivly. However, the dedicated Bang enthusiast also can quickly be wrong   with the assignment of  the unstamped pipes .

Today, the sand-blasted pipes (black red or tan) aren't provided with any grade, the graduation starts " 5" for the smooth pipes.

The end is reached for a usual way at the "letter Bangs" with the (very rare) degree "D" today. Even more beautiful pipes get a four-digit number (so-called "numbered Bangs"). In the year 1984 the notation was changed in the firm stamp: Instead of the international notation "Copenhagen" the Danish notation "Kobenhavn" is used. This can be a clue for the age determination of a particular pipe.

Bang pipes are from finest briar and, very rare, from meerschaum. Bang pipes are showing an excellent surface treatment and very shiny finish which is largely unequalled from other pipe makers.

The majority of bang pipes are not fitted for the use of filters, but for the German marked, there are also some 9mm-filter pipes. The stems are from ebonite and of an excellent execution. The prices of the current worry pipes are established between 300. € (sand without silver) and 2000. € (numbered Bangs) and differ in considerable way between Europe and the USA. The prices for the above-mentioned old Bang pipes are (unsmoked) between 200. € and 500. €

Pipes by Per Hansen und Ulf Noltensmeier - A guide to the grades

Sand  A
5  B
 6  C
 7  D


 9 Meer-

Many thanks to Uli Wöhrle and Michael Müller for pictures of the workshop and to Per Billhäll, Rolf Osterndorff and Heiko Jahr for additional pipe pictures.


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Jan Widelöv is one of the former pipemakers of Svend Bang. Background: Young carver Peter Heding (distributed by Pia Eltang)

A couple of old Bang pipes from the period before
Per Hansen und Ulf Noltensmeier running the company