Björn of Sweden




Björn Bengtson has got his "pseudonym" by the fact that he stamped his first couple of pipes allegedly with "Björn of Sweden". Such a pipe should have a considerable collector value today. He still used this stamp already very short time. Later pipes were stamped with: "BY BJÖRN, SWEDEN".

Björn Bengtson belongs to the very best pipe makers of all times in my opinion. Great shapes, clean processing and best smoking qualities honors his pipes. He studied at Poul Ramusssen, worked for Anne Julie later, and became part of the best pipe makers of the world. He has walked along the usual way of a future carver and started with his career with pipe repairs. Björn went back to his native country in 1973. His pipes were nevertheless mainly sold in the legendary shop "PibeDan" in Copenhagen. Today, unfortunately, it has got quite silent around Björn. Although, he had could celebrate his 40. anniversary in pipe-making this year (2004), he makes only still very few pipes because of health problems mainly.  Today, Björn is a butcher in the main profession. Björn made many gorgeous pipes into the 1980ies.The year of construction of Björn's pipes has easily to be read from the stamp at the shank (month and year).There is no grading.


J.L. und Björn (of Sweden) Bengtson, Kopenhagen 2004

The enclosed pictures show pipes from the years 1986 to 1988 which also offer a beautiful cross-section of the style of Björn, most are finished using the so called "golden contrast" or "laboratory" staining procedure, a signature of Björn´s smooth pipes.  Björn is regarded often as an "inventor" of this method, but this is not completely right. This staining method was used before also by Anne Julie and others, but Björn developed it into perfection and used it broadly. Personally Björn's staining pleases me a little better than that of Tom Eltang. Björn´s staining was done more softly, more alively and a little more "golden"  than the perfect,  but often quite strict "golden contrast" of Tom Eltang.

The latest pipe of Björn which I had owned was from the year 2000. It was a match for the early models to beauty, but markedly larger than ealier pipes. His pipes are largely unknown in collectors circles in the U.S.A. One can therefore still with a little luck reach his pipes. Björn's pipes cost no less than 600 -1000 Euros (presmoked or unsmoked). There is small but very convinced fan community.







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Pipes from the 1980ies, when
Björn made a lot of gorgeous pipes

Pipe, made in the year 2000