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Arne Ljung, 1971


Arne Ljung started to make pipes in 1963 - at a time, when Bo Nordh was even 22 years old. He has therefore been one of the first pipe makers in Sweden and to life times surely one of the oldest pipe makers worldwide. Ljung cames  to the pipemaking because he lost his job because he was suffered by  a serious, malignant illness. He spent his whole life in Malmö in southern Sweden. There is only a small knowledge about his life and his views and idias to the pipe topic.

He has left a virtually gigantic collection of pipe outlines and shape stencils on paper. These outlines are in the possession of the family of the pipe maker Dura Semjaniv now. It isn't known for me exactly how long Ljung made pipes. The most current pipe which I have seen is of 1989.

Pipes by Arne Ljung are offered hardly on the collectors market at the moment. Therefore I saw only five pipes till now in person. All the pipes are of excellent execution and the briar is lighweighted and of a very dense grain as one can see often at older pipes. From a couple of other pipes I saw pictures only .

Arne Ljung pipes were or are relatively confessed little despite her outstanding quality in collectos circles in Europe and U.S. He, however, celebrated more greatly successes in his native country Sweden, and, in special in Japan. Arne Ljung is deemed worthy of in the same way in a Japanese pipe book of 1978 like Bo Nordh, Sixten and Lars Ivarsson as well as Emil and Jess Chonowitsch, Anne Julie and Jörn Micke.

The pipes of Arne Ljung were stamped at the beginning with a straight stamp "LJUNG of SWEDEN", later, he uses a circular stamp similar to that, Sixten Ivarsson has used. An Arne Ljung pipe is an outstanding collectors item and a first-class smoker for the collector of Scandinavian pipes. Although the pipes aren't so very well known they are extremely rare anyway and therefore obtain prices as of 500.- Euro for pre-smoked and 1000.- Euro for unsmoked pipes.


I gratefully acknowledge the support with text and pictures of Jan Andersson, Dura Semjaniv, and Per Billhäll, all  from Sweden, and Jakob Groth, Denmark



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A rare find:  An old but unsmoked Pipe, 
stamped "Ljung of Sweden"

Beautiful and well executed masterpieces by
Arne Ljung