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The young pipe maker Cornelius Mänz is not longer an unknown person for pipe enthusiasts all over the world, although he has introduced his pipes in 2001 to a broader public. I noticed his pipes at German eBay at the beginning of 2001. With the published details, I could see that he comes from a neighboring town and it was for certain only logical, to invite him to a meeting by pipe enthusiasts held in Ulm, where his pipes immediately met with a great approval. 

In the meantime, it was reported about Cornelius also in international professional journals as e.g. by the pipe enthusiast Peter Hemmer ("Amici della Pipa"), who´s German but living in Rome and the well known  Belgium pipe-writer Erwin van Hove ("Pipes & Tobaccos"). And Cornelius´ works can be seen at high-profile international pipe shows, presented by Per Billhäll.

Since Cornelius is on the one hand a pipe smoker and on the other hand a well known designer and outstanding graphic artist, it was only a question of time when he ventured to create his own pipes.

Many highly respected pipemakers as e.g. Rainer Barbi, Bo Nordh, Tom Eltang have praised the work of Cornelius a lot. 

The pipes were shaped exclusively at the dragging plate and the volume grinder. The pipes of Cornelius Mänz are of a beautiful variety of shapes and of swinging elegance. The manual processing is perfect. Cornelius pipes are extremely precise. He tolerates no crooked drillings or smallest deviations in the position of the smoking channel in the shank and to the centre of the bowl. His pipes aren't filled, tiny spots will be accepted or the pipe will be balsted or rusticated in very fine way. Sand-blasted pipes are more common today, since Cornelius is able to use the equipment of a neighboring factory. All stems are hand cut and not fitted for 9mm filters regularily. With pleasure Cornelius uses decorating materials like bamboo, precious wood, ivory and horn. Cornelius is well known for excellent stemwork and, together with Raner Barbi and Wolle Becker, he is, in my very personal opinion, the uncrowned king of finest bits.

Cornelius stamped his pipes until the end of June 2003 as followes: " C. Mänz- Handgemacht".

Beginning in July 2003,  an oval stamp "C. Mänz - Germany " is used. 

Month and production year (MMJJ) join, as well as a grading starting with "AA" for the highest quality. A stamp "Best" for outstanding pieces is available, but it was used only one time. Single items are stamped also with the initials of the owner.

This gorgeous and unique pipe is the one and only Cornelius signed with the "Best" stamp in eight years of professional pipe making

Pictures by Cornelius Mänz, with kind permission


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