The articles are written in German mainly, but there are a lot of interesting and self-explainig  pictures. Only little text for reading. Check it out!










How I make the pictures for my web-site

A Tobacco Press for Hobbyists made by Daniel Jud


My Pipe Room

The Famous "Ultimate Pipe Bag" by Neil Flancbaum (Smokin´Holsters)

A Swiss-made  Plug-Cutter by Daniel Jud

Refurbishment of Pipes - Background, Basics and Tools

Decorating Materials in Pipemaking: An Overview

Buffering Wheels and Tools for Hobbyists 

Knifes- Made by the Pipe-Maker Werner Mummert 

A Pipe Bag by  Anja Wittenberg 

A Pipe-Bag by Bertram Safferling