(1954 - 2008)




Dura suddenly passes away following a short but seriuos illness on January, 19., 2008. We will always remember him and he will stay alive with his beautiful pipes.

Dura Semjaniv, when I meet him at his place in the age of 50, started approx. 10 years ago to make pipes. He lives with his family in Lund, an ancient bishop- and university town in southern Sweden. He is, by the way, a neighbor of Bengt Carlson, another well known Swedish carver. However, his interest in pipe making started already into the 1980ies , when he bought "Pip Larsson" a famous tobacco shop in Malmö. Dura started to inform himself about pipe repairs and pipe making and got in this way contact to Arne Ljung in Malmö, whom Dura describes as his mentor. Dura tells full of gratitude that he has learned very much from Arne. After the death of Arne Ljung (1998) Dura purchased the tools and materials for pipe making from the estate, to this an extensive collection of scetches and shape stencils and makes more pipes now than before .

J.L. und Dura Semjaniv, Summer 2004

At present,  Dura makes approx. 75 pipes every year. These pipes are sold predominantly to Germany, Austria, Italy, Japan, Taiwan and in the USA. One can order from a displayed choice of his pipes from Duras on-line shop also at moderate prices. Dura makes really very beautiful pipes of different shapes which I could see in his proper and bright workshop at a visit.

These are pipes in the "Scandinavian" style, partly very beautifully contrast stained. Dura also likes to use horn, boxwood and bamboo as decorating material or for the shank prolongation.

Dura is also very proud of his engraving machine. With this machine his pipes are engraved approximately since the beginning of 2004.: "DURA SWEDEN" and the Swedish national ensign of the "Tre Kronor" indicating his pipes.


Visiting Dura during summer 2004 .


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