Pipe-Related Marginal Notes 

The articles are written in German mainly, but there are a lot of interesting and self-explainig  pictures.
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     Würselen (Germany) 2008: 15. European Champinship in Pipe Smoking

      Denmark 2007: Visiting Tom Eltang

  Sweden 2007: Visiting Vollmer & Nilsson in Malmö

       Marianske Lazne 2006: 13th World Cup in Pipe Smoking

      My Pipe Room

      "Esterval´s Pipe House" - Gorgeous Pipes and a Nice Place: A short Review


       "Blowfishes"  and "Fish" awarded Lars Ivarsson Pipes - A short statement  

        Copenhagen 2004: Tom Eltang´s 30th  Anniversary in Pipe Making

    Sweden 2004: Visiting Bo Nordh und Dura Semjaniv

     St. Claude 2004: The Capital of Pipes in France

Meerschaum-Pipes from Turkey -  Recommended

    Brissago 2004: - Visiting Tobacconist Daniel Schneider (Synjeco SA)

    Barcelona 2003: The 10th World Cup in Pipe Smoking

    Some Favourite Tobaccos

    Briar in Tuscany - Back to the Roots with Cornelius Mänz

   Vintage Tins (unfortunately empty)